It was a blast! Enough said.

Two "admissions people" posing for a picture together. Angel is the Director of Admissions at Pitzer College

NYSACAC conference

The New York State Association for Admissions Counseling annual conference was held last week at Manhattanville College in Purchase, New York. The conference is held every year at a different New York State college and is a great opportunity for admissions counselors and guidance counselors/college advisers to see one another, network and make new friends. The "NizzyACAC" conference is what I look forward to at the end of every year; kinda like the prom:) The conference keynote speaker was Jonathan Kozol, a highly regarded educator/author. I was very interested to hear about the work he is doing with the Barrack Obama regarding education policy.

One of my favorite aspects of the conference is the chance to see another college campus. I inevitably fall in love with the host institution every conference and Manhattanville was no exception. The student workers we met were incredible ( I bonded with the Hawaiian students), the facilities were impressive and the professors I met were very impressive. Conference participants also have the "luxury" of staying in the dorms!

A picture from inside the "castle" at Manhattanville

Most of the Skidmore crew inside our dorm room

Dalton Conley addressed the conference on Tuesday night. I asked him to sign my copy of his book, Honky.

IGR Workshop: One of the best professional workshops I've experienced

Summer for the "admission professional" entails a number of conferences and workshops. I was lucky enough to participate in an incredible workshop right here on the Skidmore campus. The IGR workshop was a very effective workshop to help professors, staff members and community members open up dialog surrounding race and identity. Thirty plus Skidmore staff members were admitted into the program run by the program directors, Monita and Charles (now retired). The three day workshop was challenging, rewarding and empowered participants with more knowledge, tools and experience to work with majority and diverse populations! I highly recommend the IGR workshop!

Here is a link to a short clip about IGR workshops/classes.

Skidmore is in the process of introducing more IGR type classes (there are a few offered already on campus) into the academic curriculum.


My spring travel (see post below) this year coincided with Senior Week. I didn't have a chance to say congratulations to many of the seniors I met during the admissions process more than four or five years ago. Congrats to everyone who graduated!

Spring Travel

Spring travel season has come and gone. Compared to the fall travel season, spring travel season is much shorter and not nearly as intense.

I spent a short time in New York City where I traveled with Jasmin Escobar, assistant director of admissions at Pitzer College. My good friend and Skidmore classmate, Angel Perez, is the Director of Admissions at Pitzer and I look forward to seeing him this weekend at our 10 year reunion.

I met so many great students in New York City and- ate so many great meals:) High Schools typically offer dinner before a night time fair. Some of the schools' PTA prepare a multi-ethnic feast fit for kings and the college reps dine before the college fair begins (like this one at one NYC high school)

I went to a handful of fairs and sat on one College Night Panel in the New York City Area. I traveled to Long Island for a big fair organized by guidance counselors in the Nassau County School district. I also attended some college fairs in the mid-Hudson region of the state. I enjoy being on the road but this year I felt very guilty because I missed out on some graduation events on campus. My Spring travel season ended appropriately at the high school I graduated from nearly 15 years ago. I sat on a panel along side colleagues from Bucknell, Hartwick, Tufts, Union, University of Connecticut, and Yale. We spoke about various topics surrounding the admissions process. I spoke briefly about Facebook and public domain. Dinner was (of course) provided with a neat little twist; students in a culinary arts class prepared dinner for us.
Kudos to the student chefs!

Adirondack Scholars

About five months ago, I wrote about a project to serve rural, first-generation students. Well, we pulled it off and it was a great success! A big thanks to the Skidmore Women’s tennis team, and the other Skidmore students who acted as mentors for the day (Hillary Ekwall, Megan Labbate, and Saundra). We had about eighty five students visit campus on Tuesday, participate in a scavenger hunt, and have lunch in the dining hall. The day was designed to help the Adirondack scholars become acquainted with a college campus and college life so they will think about going to college in the future!

Here is a rough copy of the scavenger hunt. We hope other campuses take the lead in promoting early college awareness to under served populations.


Find or take a picture of the following items on the below list!

Extra points given for being in the picture with the “subject.”

Someone younger than 10 years old on campus! 5pts
Skidmore student, class of 2011. 2pts
Skidmore Student in the library studying science! 4pts
Skidmore student wearing shorts and flip flops 5pts
Skidmore Professor 2pts
The President of Skidmore (outside of his office) 9pts
Skidmore student exercising in the gym 5pts
Skidmore student in an art studio 2pts
Skidmore student in the science lab 4pts
Skidmore student practicing an instrument 4pts
Skidmore students in the library studying together 4pts
Skidmore Student Government Officer (SGA officer) 5pts
A poster for an upcoming event 2pts
“ICE AGE” (the movie) 4pts
Inside a Skidmore dorm room 5pts
On the Skidmore basketball court 5pts
On stage of the Skidmore Theatre 5pts
In an art gallery 4pts
A fireplace 5pts
The Skidmore Seal 4pts
Skidmore sweatshirt 4pts
Skidmore Post Office 4pts
Wachenheim Field 3pts
Display of student research 6pts
A copy of the Skidmore News 2pts

Here are some pictures from the scavenger hunt!

Dani Fancher, a member of the women's tennis team, poses for a picture in order to get points in the scavenger hunt
One of the groups poses on the stage of JKB theater

Some of the Adirondack Scholars talk to a group of Skidmore students studying in the library

Some of the Adirondack Scholars listening to their Skidmore mentors speak

Adirondack Scholars find a first-year student at Skidmore in line waiting for food

Discovery Weekend

This past weekend was Discovery Weekend at Skidmore, a program designed for (but not exclusively for) accepted students of color to become more familiar with Skidmore.

Skidmore has made incredible strides in diversity over the last few years. When I returned to work for Skidmore in 2003, the student of color population was about 13% of the student body. The class of 2011 has nearly 24% students of color, and I expect the class o 2012 to be even larger.
Prospective students should not judge a school's "diversity" by looking at percentages. Skidmore may have had only 13% students of color in 2003, but we were recognized in a national study as a model for success in regard to graduation and retention rates for students of color. We have a much larger percentage of under represented students now, but we have not compromised the retention and graduation we were applauded for in 2003. Here is another article about what is being called, "The Skidmore Model."

And of course- the requisite pictures for each blog post!

Professor Joshua Woodfork (in the stripes) at breakfast with a few Discovery Weekend students

Hanging out at Galactic Bowling

In front of Case Center

Hanging out with some of the Hawaiians on Discovery Tour:)

Link to all of my pictures are here and here